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Sound-Planet - Geburtstag - Geburtstagswünsche auf Englisch

Geburtstagswünsche auf Englisch

Now there are some things I have to say,
this day should be for you a happy day-
and we wish, that all your dreams come true
and we wish only the best for you!


With a friend you can laugh and you can cry,
with a friend you see years go by,
with a friend you celebrate and sing
and see, what the coming year will bring,
of my friendship always to be confident –
that shall be my birthday-present!


I havn´t the finest idea for birthday gift,
it is very hard, you can follow my drift?
I neglect to pay a visit to a jewellery-shop,
new clothes, too, will be a flop,
and I don´t know your taste in art, so painting and decoration
surely will be a kamikaze operation –
so I hope to try now with success
to bring joy with moments of happiness,
in celebration of your birthday,
we throw a party in a gigantic way!


You always shall be favored by fortune,
life shall dance only to your tune,
all your wishes shall come true
and first of all of course: God bless you!


Another year of life and you grow older
maybe you think, the world grew colder,
but you should wipe away your tears
with the wisdom of the years
and as time goes by, you will see
everything is, as it used to be –
so heartily we say „Happy birthday“
may your life continue in the same way,
and if you have the wish to change
we wish you success and a wide range!
You can feel confident in the first instance
of our friendship and our safe assistance!

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